4 Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Lighting can have a huge impact on how you feel. Choosing the right lighting for your backyard parties can easily elevate your guests’ experience.

Read on to learn some easy outdoor lighting ideas to try out at home.

1. Outdoor Lanterns

Lanterns have been used as a light source for a long time. From Egypt to Ancient China, lanterns were used ceremoniously to illuminate a room. They were usually made from silk and bamboo. But they also served for decorative purposes.

Lanterns have a soft light characteristic to them that makes any area feel warm and cozy. They can be paired together to create a floor path for guests. They can also be used sparingly as centerpieces on a table for an outdoor event.

Nowadays, you can use LED light bulbs to stay green while bringing your lanterns to life.

If you’re using lanterns for a one-time event, you can use materials like paper, silk, or bamboo. But if your lanterns are meant to last long, you may want to invest in some water-resistant materials.

2. String Lights

Some of the most popular lighting designs for outdoor events today include string lights. String lights can come in a variety of sizes, designs, and color temperatures.

When we think of string lights, we think of colorful lights during the holidays. But there are more sophisticated types of string lights.

Go for a vintage Edison bulb that adds a stylish twist to your backyard. These provide a warm, orange glow that can make any space feel intimate and romantic.

3. Candles

Sometimes, there’s nothing like the real thing. Back before electricity was invented, lighting a gathering usually relied on a fire.

Candles are a nice way to bring warm, soft light to an event. They can be placed strategically on tables to make the atmosphere more charming.

With real candles comes a fire hazard. Make sure you are placing the candles in a safe, non-flammable environment. If your backyard isn’t protected from wind, you may have to check that they’re not put out often.

But they go out fast, and replenishing candles can get a little expensive. You might also want to try out LED candles. These often provide the same glow effect as real candles.

4. Lights on a Footpath

If your backyard doesn’t have a lot of light, you may also want to add footpath lighting. Like navigating through a movie theater aisle, these provide aid for your guests when navigating in a dark space.

These are especially nice for the entrance of your backyard, where guests might have a hard time adjusting their eyes to the darkness. They also let guests know where the path is so they don’t accidentally walk on your plants.

If you do have grass and no carved path, you can use ones that are staked to the ground. With today’s technology, there are a lot of solar-powered footpath lights that automatically turn on once the sun goes down.

Footpath lights on walls add an extra layer of sophistication. You may want to hire LED lighting contractors to make your vision come to life.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Now you know some essential outdoor lighting ideas to elevate your backyard area. For other home improvement ideas, check out our page.

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