How to Protect Your Garage Door From Heavy Rain

Garage Door

A garage door is a barrier between your belongings, such as tools, your car, and the outside. It protects your belongings from the dangers present in the outside world. These dangers include humans and natural disasters. 

Protection From Natural Disasters

The natural disasters that the garage door protects your belongings from include heavy rain. Suppose your belongings are not protected from the rain; they can easily be damaged. The garage door provides shelter for your belongings by blocking the rain from entering your garage.

If the necessary preparations are not done for the garage door, heavy rain can damage your garage in several ways. 

  • Your garage door can be soaked by the rainwater, which will not make it unable to move correctly. 
  • Heavy rain will most probably cover your whole garage door, and if the water is not dried properly, this will rust your garage door. This rusting will also make the movement and function of the garage door very difficult.
  • All this and a lot more damage can be done to your garage door by heavy rain if you are not prepared for the rainy season. 
  • This damage from heavy rains would also Cost a Lot of Money In Repairs, so it is advised that you prepare your garage door for heavy rain.

It would be best if you took good care of your garage door to last longer and protect the inside of your garage.

5 Tips To Protect Your Garage Door From Heavy Rain

Here are some tested tips and tricks for preparing the garage door for the rain season and staying protected against heavy rain.

1.You should install new weather-stripping.

You can keep your belongings in your garage and garage door safe by adding a weather-stripping to your garage door. If it has one already, you should check for any tears and replace it if it has any. 

The weatherstripping layer does not allow any rainwater to enter your garage, as this weather stripping acts as a seal on your garage door openings. The layer’s primary purpose is to make sure none of your belongings in your garage are damaged by heavy rain. 

2.Check the quality of your garage door.

You should check your garage door for any cracks or holes. You should make sure that there are none of these present as these would let water into your garage and damage your belongings. 

You should also make sure that your garage door closes properly and the bottom of the garage door is parallel to the floor so that no water enters your garage from underneath your garage door.

3.You should build a trench drain

A perfect way of protecting your garage door from heavy rain is to build or install a trench drain. This trench drain will help keep water away from your garage door as it will not let water gather in front of the garage door. A trench drain will help decrease the amount of floodwater that the garage door will have to face due to heavy rain by changing the direction of the flooding water away from the garage door. 

This will result in your garage door not soaking a lot of water due to the heavy rain and hence will keep it safe from any damage. 

4.You should clean the rain gutters.

Most people have rain gutters in the house, but you should consider installing them if you don’t have them. The primary purpose of rain gutters is to keep your garage door safe from water in heavy rain. 

Rain gutters are placed above the garage door. They create a path for water to flow away from the top of the garage door. This keeps the garage door safe from rainwater. If you have rain gutters, you should clean them regularly to ensure they are working correctly and don’t have anything blocking the water flow path.  

5.You should check the water path from your garage door.

The rainwater path means the direction the water flows towards. First, you should check w the direction towards which the water flows. If the water flows away from your garage door towards a gutter, it’s excellent, but you have to do something about it if the water flows towards your garage door. 

The first option would be to find a way to change the direction of the water flow, but if that’s not possible, you should divert the direction of water flow with the help of a trench drain or any other thing similar to this.

Bottom Line

These valuable options will help you keep your garage door and your belongings in your garage safe from water due to heavy rain.

Author Bio: Ran Kroynish is an experienced handyman who’s been working for ETS Garage Door Of Portland for 10 years. When he’s not fixing garage doors, he likes to share his repair ideas and knowledge with others.

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