Best Portable Carpet Cleaner: Things to Consider Before Buying

Take care of all the dirt, whether its animal hair or stubborn stains embedded in your carpets, rugs and upholstery with one of these effective carpet cleaners. You will never again have to waste money on professional cleaning. We have classified these models according to their price, performance and ease of use, so that you can find the one that perfectly meet your needs. Here the question is how you may find the best portable carpet cleaner online. 

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Reasons to buy a Portable Carpet Cleaner

When the time comes to give your carpet its deep cleaning session, you really have 3 options hire a professional; rent a carpet cleaner; or buy a carpet cleaner. We think buying your own carpet cleaner is a worthwhile investment, and here are the 5 reasons that led us to this conclusion

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  • Long-term financial benefit

A professional carpet cleaner with truck-mounted cleaning equipment could do a more complete job, but up to six times the cost of renting a machine for the day – easy but expensive was Consumer Reports’ verdict. During this time, the more you clean your carpet, the more profitable it will be to buy rather than rent a carpet cleaner. Experts suggest that you should clean your carpet every 12 to 24 months, but if you have pets, children, or other sources of regular damage – and or if someone in your home has allergies that may be exacerbated by dust, dirt or pet hair – your carpet will thank you for more frequent deep cleaning. If you can get into the habit of using your carpet cleaner regularly,

  • Better quality guarantee than with a rental machine

Ask yourself If you inadvertently rented a carpet cleaner that was not in good condition, would you know Could you know if it releases too much detergent or too much water Not sure if you have the answers to these questions unless you are a real connoisseur. If you buy a carpet cleaner, read the manual and keep it well maintained, you will have the assurance that it has not been used before, but also get to know it, so that you know when it does not work like it should be.

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  • Time saving

Do you see all of the above on reading the manual and knowing your carpet cleaner If you rent, you will have to do it every time, even if you can rent the same model every time (which is not guaranteed!). If you buy a carpet cleaner and use it regularly, you will only need to understand how it works once.

  • Avoid additional costs

Do you need additional accessories, such as a stair cleaning accessory it could still cost you more if you rent a carpet cleaner? What if your carpet is in urgent need of cleaning and you need to use your carpet cleaner more than once it will cost you more with a rental, both in terms of rental time and additional cleaning fluid. And don’t forget the cost – in money and time – of picking up and dropping off a rental carpet cleaner an additional concern if you’re not driving, or if you don’t have a vehicle large enough to transport the machine.

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  • You have more choices of carpet cleaner

As the comparison shows, there are many models of carpet cleaners, but not all of them are available for rent. If you buy one, you’re more likely to find the carpet cleaner that’s right for you. If your carpet has become so dirty that the idea of ​​taking a closer look, in addition to your close family members and perhaps your regular cleaner, fills you with shameful jute, then consider the benefits of have your own carpet cleaning machine to use whenever you want.

How Does Portable Carpet Cleaners Work?

Professional carpet cleaners use a variety of methods to remove dirt from your carpet – but since you’ve read the article above, let’s go ahead and assume you’re interested in buying your own carpet cleaner to keep and use at home, rather than having to call in the pros once or twice a year.

The vast majority of carpet cleaners that you can buy for home use a method that is often called steam cleaning but which is more specifically known as hot water extraction (these are in fact a method as “steamy” as the Pope’s Instagram feed, as opposed to the separate industrial process of steam cleaning, which is wetter than a Black Swan screen shown in a sauna).

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Hot water extraction consists of spreading hot water, or more generally a hot solution of detergent and water, on the carpet, pushing it deep into the fibers, then vacuuming it (c (that is to say, to extract it), along with a load of lurking dirt. It is important that your carpet cleaner performs this “extraction” part of the hot water extraction efficiently, both to ensure thorough cleaning and quick drying time. If you’re cleaned carpet takes forever to dry, not only will it bother you – how long can you go without stepping into an entire room in your home? But it could cause discoloration or even mold on your carpet.

Some carpet cleaners also come with a pretreatment solution. If you want to pre-treat your carpet before deep cleaning, look for a solution that promises to rinse easily: you don’t want to trade a dirty carpet for a carpet with a trampled cleaning solution.

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