Top 5 Ways to Have a More Guest-Friendly Home

If you love having people around and being the host, there’s no better feeling than having your house full of friends and family, but perhaps it’s time to improve your home for you and for your guests. There are tons of small details that can make a huge difference in creating that ideal environment that everybody loves. The days of not hosting everyone’s birthday parties are over, so just follow these tips and your home will be your friend’s favorite place (the hard part will be trying to make them leave). 

1 – Lights, Please!

This shouldn’t be news to you, mainly because at our home we need to feel comfy, safe and lighting can have a big effect on that. Lights can bring a cozy, warm feeling and it will reflect on the mood of the house. Also, if your place is too bright or too dark, guests won’t find it to be as comfortable. Floor and wall lamps can be a great and modern solution. Nonetheless, decorative and modern designs will be your friend’s delight and the aspect that really stands out.

2 – Comfy Evenings

Two words: Sectional Sofa. This is an absolute must, either you like to have just a friend or a full house, this sofa is a perfect choice. A sectional sofa is a piece of unconventional seating furniture that is composed of different pieces that can be arranged in as many ways as the person wants. They not only help to create more space when needed but they’re also big enough that some can even be turned into beds for guests – these are called sleeper sectionals. A common favorite that fits any decor and can be the missing piece in your living room.

3 – Bring in the Bar

When with guests, drinks are always welcoming, but how cool would it be having your own home bar, not only for its use, but also for its amazing rustic looks. There are plenty to choose from – you can have a more “old-school” round bar in the living room, a small beverage push-around cart (easier to get your drink while having a conversation with someone), or even just a small tray of drink on a coffee table next to the dining table. It doesn’t matter what you choose, what it does matter is that your guests will only hear the words “free drinks”! 

4 –  Fresh Bathroom 

You might be asking why would a bathroom be part of this process, but it’s inevitable that your guest will eventually use it, so make sure that not only is it cleaned, but that is also welcoming, be with the decoration, smell, towels, and even the soap. It will not only be appreciated and complimented but it will definitely make your guests feel more comfortable.

5.Tables, tables, tables!

A good, old, coffee table is always a plus in a living room, as it’s super useful when having guests, either you are playing a board game, cards, or just serving coffee or tea. Not only useful but, if chosen well, can also be a good piece of decor and an elegant centerpiece, creating a cozy environment with flowers or candles on top.

In the End

If you follow some of these tips, it’s guaranteed that your home will be the center of every meeting, and everyone will love being around. Your friends will never leave your living room, but I guess that’s the price to pay for having the coolest place. Thank you for reading!

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