5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Motorized Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades

Blinds and shades are an excellent addition to one’s home décor due to their aesthetic appeal and functionality. However, certain misconceptions about motorized blinds and shades prevent many homeowners from going ahead and using them in their own houses. Those who use them will tell you that adding them was one of the best things that they had done for their homes. 

Here are five myths that have been debunked, and you would know why motorized blinds and shades will be a welcome addition. 

Myth 1: Motorized Blinds Are Too Loud and Conspicuous

This is entirely untrue. Motorized blinds or shades are not at all loud and will not interfere with your sleep or any activity you might indulge in. Some believe that the noise from the motor could be loud enough to wake up the baby or irritate the pet. And that it can be too conspicuous, refusing to fit in with the rest of the home décor. 

Experts will tell you that the motors are very silent, and they hardly make a sound when the blinds are operated. There is no loud engine to disrupt your daily activity. They blend in very well with whatever décor you might have chosen, depending on the design of the blinds and shades that you can choose to complement them. All you have to do is press a switch, and the blinds will open and close with hardly any sound at all. 

Myth 2: Motorized Blinds Are Too Big and Hard to Clean 

This is another common misconception. No matter what size your windows are, motorized blinds and shades will fit them perfectly. If you have windows that have a unique shape, you can also have them customized easily. And once installed, you can also clean them very quickly. 

The control comes in several finishes, and none of them is difficult to clean. Like you do with your regular blinds, all you have to do is wipe them with a piece of cloth once or twice a week, and you are good to go. You can arrange professional cleaning once or twice a year, and the experts will take care of the hinges and plugs during their maintenance services. However, on a regular day, there is hardly anything more that you have to do. 

Myth 3: Motorized Blinds and Shades are Not Safe

No, you do not have any reason to worry about installing motorized blinds and shades. They will not harm the children or your pets in any way, though you might want to keep away the cat from scratching your stunning blinds! 

Other than that, these blinds are far safer than your regular corded window blinds because the cords can be a choking hazard for both pets and children. They can easily get tangled in the cords, and it could be dangerous, especially if your pet is home alone. Motorized blinds have no cords and are perfectly safe and secure. 

Myth 4: Motorized Blinds are Too Expensive and have Fewer Styles.

It is a myth that the motorized blinds and shades have minimal styles and designs, and they are way too expensive because of their exclusive nature. This isn’t true at all. You can choose these blinds and shades in various styles, colors, textures, patterns, and designs. 

You will find one that will suit your home décor, no matter whether your tastes are classic or eclectic. Moreover, they also come in a variety of price ranges. You can choose the high-end ones if you want to go all out, or start with the budget options to see how it suits your lifestyle.

Myth 5: Motorized Blinds have Complicated Set-Ups.

This is not at all true.  Although motorized blinds use technology to a certain degree, it is nothing that a home cannot be set up for. Speak to the experts, and they will have a quick inspection to tell you how to hardwire your home for a motorized blind and shades set up. You can also opt for battery-operated systems. 

The installation might take some time, but it will not be invasive or overly expensive. Depending on the operating system you have chosen, the experts will plug in the necessary adapters and acquaint you with the mechanism. You can control them through your Smartphone, using Alexa or Siri as well. 

If you had inhibitions about installing motorized blinds and shades in your home, now is the time to set them aside. They are worth every penny, and you will find a remarkable improvement in your domestic life after installing them. 

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