Do Home Sell Better With Or Without Furniture



What would you like to see when you go to buy a property for the first time?

Would you like to see a beautifully furnished home and sigh thinking-

‘Thank god my work is done here.’

Or, do you look around and think.

‘God now I have to move these, to make room for new furniture which will actually match my aesthetic .’

Now, just imagine yourself listing your house in the market, and you have to deal with these two kinds of customers.

What shall you do?

Get rid of all the furniture. Either auction them or take them with you or keep them to understand the buyer’s reaction?

It is not a difficult choice, but it always has to be one way or another.

Therefore, in this excerpt below, we are bringing an elaborate upon the Pros and Cons of having furniture in the property you are selling.

After which, you can make an informed decision.

So, sit back; take notes! &

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Selling A House Without Furniture

So, let’s start with selling a house without furniture. Now, if the furniture is old and dingy and you are not in the mood or current affordability to fix it, you can sell the house without furniture.

Just ensure that the property is squeaky clean when the property buyers arrive. Also, put the homes best foot forward by giving buyers the best lens via aerial photography.

If they are getting an empty house, that should be their first impression, rather than seeing dingy furniture and the realtor explaining that they will be removed later.


It can make a bad first impression!


You wouldn’t want that!

Now, coming to the pros and cons of having an empty house on display.


  • Moving In Is Easy: The buyers might be delighted with an empty home because it just means they can move in anytime. Plus, get all their furniture because it’s an empty house after all. There will be no hassle.
  • Easy Customisation: There are certain buyers who do not like furnished houses for interior designs and aesthetic purposes. They have a certain vision about how their house is supposed to look, and they do not want old furniture to disrupt that.
  • You Will Attract More Kind Of Buyers: When you talk about furnished properties, a specific group of buyers might like that. Others have different ideas about what they wish to do, and an unfurnished house restricts it. So you are targeting a versatile pool with an unfinished house.


  • House Not Home: When a buyer is entering a property, the realtor will do their best to give them a homely feeling. So that they can imagine themselves living there one day, an empty house doesn’t really project that.
  • It Can Lower Your Selling Price: You might have some difficulty if you are trying to cover most of the other home renovation and repair costs within the actual selling price. Because a furnished home is an element of its own, buyers might expect a lower price without that. 

Selling A House With Furniture

Everyone wants to sell their house fast and with top dollars. But can it really be possible? Well, it is certainly possible with the home decor idea with modern furniture

If you can make them see the things they want, you might get a step closer to closing the deal.

However, don’t always see the head side of the coin. Because everything that has a head does come with a tail.

That being said, selling your home with furniture is a great idea, but there are a few cons you need to be aware of.


  • Buyers Can Picture Themselves: Inviting chairs, cozy rugs, and comfortable chairs that look like they have been waiting for the right person to sit down make the house look like a home. Every buyer wants to see themselves enjoying doing their daily routine in their home. Of course, that won’t happen in an empty house. Adding furniture while staging a house for sale makes the buyer experience the future.
  • Makes Moving In/Out Easier: Selling your fully furnished home allows your buyers to pack their bags and move in without any issues. No hassle whatsoever – not for you and not for the buyer.
  • Sells Faster: It has been seen that furnished homes are prone to sell faster than unfurnished homes. Perhaps this is because of the fact that buyers who are looking for furnished homes have already collected the capital and are just looking for the right deal. Or maybe, they were simply enticed by a move-in ready home. Either way, if the furnished homes are tasteful, they will sell faster.


  • Selling Price Does Not Cover The Price Of The Furniture: Yes, furnishing your house is a good way to increase the price of the house. But that will only depend if buyers find your furniture appealing. If they don’t like it, you might not be able to cover the price of the furniture in your house.
  • Used Furniture May Not Boost The Price: If you are furnishing your house, ensure that you do so with new furniture. Using old and refurbished furniture will not add any value to your home. In fact, your buyers might not like that. What’s more, if your furnishing is not in good condition, you might invest in upgrades.

Does Home Sell Better With Or Without Furniture?

Furniture creates an immediate image of a potential house. A stager uses this to their advantage by placing some furniture to uplift the house’s appeal and give the buyers something to visualize.

Sellers always have this question in their minds where their thoughts collide about whether to show their house to the buyers with or without furniture.

Having furniture does come with its pros, but so does without furniture. We have already discussed the pros and cons. Now, it is up to you to decide what you want.

To Furnish Or Not To Furnish!

At the end of the day, it is the seller’s personal decision to furnish or not to furnish.

However, if you are someone planning to sell a property, it is always wise to take help from a professional realtor.

This is because they know that market, and they know the trends.

So, they will give you better judgment!

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