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How to Repair Water Damage in Your Living Room?

How to Repair Water Damage

A fireplace is an aesthetic addition to your home and brings comfort during winter. However, a cracked or weathered chimney can compromise your home’s structural integrity by increasing susceptibility to water damage this time of year. The cold season is often rainy, and a damaged chimney can allow water to seep through, causing the paint to bubble and flake. At Tidal Wave Restoration, we know the damage water can cause and offer services to mitigate costly repairs. If you suspect water ingress in your living room, hire a professional for specialized water damage restoration in Tucker. Here are steps to help you minimize the damage.

Clean the Affected Area

Water damage restoration is an expansive process that starts by cleaning the affected area. This is usually the textbook’s first step to reduce wall damage before repainting. We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth and soap and allowing the surface to dry. Once the damaged surface is clean, scrape any flaking on the wall. This includes removing all the bubbling paint with a scrapper until you have a smooth surface.

Cover the Water Damaged Surface with a Sealer Binder/Peel-Stop

Professionals recommend Zinsser’s Water-Based Peel-Stop. However, many products are on the market, and consulting an expert can help make the right decision. The purpose is to permeate the porous surface and prevent water from seeping back. It restores the affected surface by making it solid again, giving it time to dry following its application.

Apply Filler

After affirming the solid surface, apply a filler to restore smoothness before painting. Fillers smoothen the surface and take at least a full day to dry properly. If you are on a timeline, a hair dryer is an effective hack to speed up the process, but waiting a full day for guaranteed results is advisable. Check the filler to ensure it is dry, then sand the surface to prepare it for painting.

Apply Paint

Now that your surface is clean, repaired, and smooth, prevent future damage by adding color to your wall. Painting goes a long way in ensuring the steps you’ve taken to repair the surface last. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, hiring a water damage restoration company is advisable. This allows you to leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience to restore your home and prevent safety hazards.

While the remediation steps vary depending on the severity of the damage, these steps can help you address minor cases of water damage. In a severe water ingress emergency, shut off the power and call a restoration expert to handle the heavy lifting before things get out of hand. We can dispatch a highly equipped and trained team to your location within a moment’s notice to help rectify the problem.

Water damage can destroy valuable property and make your cozy living space a safety hazard. Contact us at Tidal Wave Restoration to schedule a consultation with our experts. We provide top-notch water damage restoration in Tucker at competitive rates.

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