Review of the NEW Barbie™ Wallpaper – Available Exclusively Through Wallshøppe


You may think you’ve already seen it all when it comes to Barbie room decor, with furniture that looks like it came from the dreamhouse and themed comforter sets and framed art pieces to go with it. Now, you can add Barbie™ wallpaper to your list of must-haves. With mod designs, neutral colors, and vintage portraits of popular dolls, the newest wallpaper collection from Wallshøppe is hardly little kiddish. Whether you’re looking for the perfect decorative design to accent your craft room or a chic backsplash to your child’s bedroom, the Barbie™ x Wallshøppe collection leaves little to be desired.

A Wide Variety of Designs To Choose From

From past to present, the most beloved feature of Barbie™ is that she opens up a world of choices. This new line of Barbie™ wallpaper holds true to that theme with over 100 designs to select from. While people often associate Barbie™ with bright shades of pink, these vintage designs feature more neutral colors, like cream, pale blue, robins egg, peach, daffodil yellow.

While many designs feature the iconic doll herself accompanied by friends in 1960s fashion, athletic clothing, or career outfits, other options display the Barbie™ logo from different decades, throwback trading cards, popular accessories, bold silhouettes, or whimsical designs. Of course, you’re not limited to only displaying the traditional Barbie™ on your wall. You can find designs featuring vintage Black Barbie™, Christie™, and Brunette Barbie™.

Styles Loved by Kids and Adults Alike

While purchasing Barbie™ wallpaper online is a natural choice for parents decorating a kid’s bedroom or playroom, these trendy prints are adult friendly too. 1960s-themed paper in soft shades would complement other living areas, especially when used as an accent wall. If you’re designing the walk-in closet of your dreams, what better background than the queen of fashion herself? No matter what room of the house you want to decorate, vintage Barbie™ wallpaper is mature enough to fit in with even the most sophisticated décor.

The Easiest “Paint Job” Ever

Wallpaper is a great alternative to paint. Once you know how to install removable wallpaper, it’s very simple to do. There’s no mess involved, so you don’t need to worry about covering furniture or keeping the carpets safe from careless flicks of a paintbrush. No professional help is needed to have flawless-looking walls that don’t require three or four coats to get just right.

It really is as easy as just sticking your new design on a clean wall surface — with careful attention to straight lines of course! For renters, removable wallpaper allows you to feel more at home by being able to decorate the walls without worrying about having to remove any paint before you move. Once you tire of a design and want to freshen up your living spaces, you only need to peel off the existing wallpaper and replace it with a completely new design that can be very intricate or refreshingly simple.

For children or kids at heart, the new Barbie™ wallpaper line opens endless opportunities. Shop the collection today to enjoy the nostalgic experience.

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