10 Things to consider when moving heavy items

Moving is hard. Moving when you have heavy items like a piano, a spa, large furniture, a pool table, is harder. Back injuries are a real concern when you do not properly prepare and take the right steps to prevent them. If you live somewhere in the northern suburbs of Perth and are looking for some professional and expert help you should take a look at top Joondalup removalists. Here are 10 things to consider when having to move heavy items.

1) Do not do it on your own

You cannot move heavy items on your own. Heavy wooden furniture or whatever it is that is more awkward than your regular boxes requires planning and help. Make sure the route is clear so you can get the item to where it needs to go. Have friends help you maneuver the large furniture, someone to be there to open doors and someone else to help with the lifting itself. If you are planning an even bigger move, you can go so far as to leave everything to one of the many cross country moving companies.

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2) Learn and use proper lifting methods

There is a right way to lift heavy furniture and boxes. Face the item, have your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Point your toes out and bend your knees keeping your back straight. Do not lean over or bend at the waist. Grasp the item and straighten your legs staying vertical. When turning do so with your whole body do not turn with your waist first. Then reverse all of that when setting the heavy item down.

3) Push instead of pull

When moving larger items like a piano when you can, push it rather than pull it. Pushing is easier and safer. If there are a couple of stairs involved place two wooden boards down and create a ramp. Never stand below a heavy item when moving it downstairs if it is not secured. Use blankets to slide the piano or heavy item across things like grass so you do not have to lift as much.

4) Use wheels and a ramp

It is a good idea to use a wheel device like a dolly and ramp leading into the truck. If they do not come with the truck you hired, find and rent them. These two things can make the whole process a lot easier and it is what a professional moving crew would use.

5) Know your limits

When you are moving heavy and awkward items like a pool table you need to know what your limits are. Look at how far you have to go and do not rush it. The max weight for a healthy adult male is suggested to be 25 kg. But that goes down to just 5 kg if lifting at shoulder level with arms out.

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6) Have big items near the exit but load them last

Move the large and heavy items close to the exit but load them on last. That way they are the first thing to come off the truck at your destination.

7) When packing heavy items in boxes

When dealing with large items in boxes make sure you put large things in a box as small as possible. Do not cram a lot of things in large boxes. Make sure the boxes are appropriate in terms of strength too.

8) Fill gaps around heavy items

After you have loaded your heavy furniture into the truck pack smaller boxes and blankets, or even old newspapers around it to fill in gaps. When heavy things shift in a moving vehicle that can be dangerous and lead to damage.

9) Heavy and large items come off first

When unloading move the large awkward things first when you have the most energy to tackle them. Get then into the house in the room they are meant to be in. 

10) Hire professionals
The best move you can make is to find and hire moving experts, especially when you have heavy and awkward items to move. They have the experience, the tools, the energy and the skill to move it with no injury and no damage!

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