3 Reasons You Should Invest in Organic Bedding

Organic Bedding

Your bedroom is a haven. Lights, decor, and bedding create an environment of rest and rejuvenation. Your sheets are one of the most important bedroom investments. Soft, sustainable organic bedding gives you the sleep you’ve been dreaming of!

Eco-friendly sheets are sustainable and support your body, health, and the environment. Choose a better sheet for your sleep and health, but don’t sacrifice your style! Organic sheets, bedding, and duvets come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your aesthetic.

Keep reading for the top reasons to choose organic sheet sets!

1. Organic Sheets Are Luxurious

On average, you spend 26 years of your life sleeping. Your bedroom is a place to recharge and repair your body for another day. Comfortable sheets aren’t just cozy, they are an investment in better sleep quality.

You may think that all organic bedding is expensive, but there are many affordable brands out there. Choosing organic bedding means you are getting the finest sourced materials compared to traditional cotton bedding. Companies that have committed to selling organic sheets and bed sets will invest more time into handpicking and handcrafting the materials into the most luxurious bedding you’ve ever slept on. Even better, organic sheets are easy to maintain and last for years.

You don’t have to sacrifice style when choosing organic bedding. Now days, you can find sheet sets, comforters or duvet covers in chic colors that flow with your bedroom’s aesthetic. Most organic cotton bedding comes in two styles: cotton percale or cotton sateen. Each style offers it’s own luxurious advantage.

2. Organic Bedding Is Eco-Friendly

Organic bedding is sustainable and long-lasting. You shouldn’t have to worry about what is in or on your sheets. Most brands of organic cotton bedding use certified organic fibers that are free of over 100 toxic chemicals found in many sheet sets today.

Eco-friendly sheets are antibacterial and free from harmful dyes and fragrances. There are safe for even the most sensitive of sleepers. With proper care, organic sheets will last for years. When the time comes to dispose of them, they are 100% recyclable! Your investment in sustainable bedding reduces waste and contributes to a better world.

When shopping for eco-frienly bedding, you’ll discover it’s often small-batch produced from a family-owned linen mill. Support small businesses and eco-friendly practices when you invest in organic bedding. Each purchase helps the environment and longevity of the planet when the manufacturer believes in sustainable and ethical crafting processes from start to finish.

3. You Deserve the Best

Organic sheets might seem like a luxury, but they’re not. Today’s society is busier and more sleep-deprived than ever. You deserve high-quality, safe, and comfortable sleep.

Focus on better sleep and use organic bedding to create a bedroom made for an efficient night’s rest. Quality sleep is magical and your sheets should be, too. As mentioned above, most organic bedding is made from either cotton percale or cotton sateen fabrics. Percale is light and smooth, while the sateen is more on the silky side. Both are hypoallergenic and pass European sustainability standards.

Make the Switch to Organic Bedding

Decadence isn’t only for dessert – slip into a silk smooth bed every night and find a sanctuary of sleep. Organic sheets bring you the sleep you dream of – cool and uninterrupted.

If you’re still unsure, find a company that offers a return policy. With a company like Or & Zon, there is nothing to lose by trying their premium, organic cotton bedding with a 365-day return policy. Start your best sleep journey and order your new favorite sheets today!

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